Friday, May 22, 2009


Just browsing Ranger I've found some essential gear. I'm not sure I'd pay the full price of all this (a bit over $600!), but it at least gives an idea of what may sometimes be needed on long trips.

Brunton Monocular

Good for seeing animals (I've seen plenty of deer along the tracks), and far ahead along the path.


For repair or needing to put together a shelter, etc.


Sometimes you're out later than usual and suddenly it's dark - or you're inside somewhere with no light.

Wind-up flashlight

LED light sticks

Radio pouch

Radio x2 set

Keeping communication if 2 people are far apart enough on the trip, during scouting, etc.

Camelbak MULE hydration pack


Gotta keep hydrated, also seems to serve well as a small backpack.


Never know if you have to cut through some wood to build a shelter.

Fatboy Versipack

A decent size waist-pack (minus the gun)

Medium assault pack

Bigger packpack which supports hydration reservoirs (Camelbak)

Individual first-aid kit

Gear pouch

Good for camera or other supplies

Sweat-wicking t-shirt

Important to wick away moisture, especially if you've been sweating and it gets cold later

Rain poncho


Don't wanna get caught in a storm without this

Water/chemical resistant leather gloves

Helpful when climbing rocky or rough terrain

Padded patrol belt

Can add MOLLE pouches, etc. for carrying gear

Total: $608.50