Saturday, November 17, 2007


Location: Neenah, WI
Radius: 8 miles


While this rock quarry in Menasha wasn't my intended destination, I couldn't pass it up. I first came across it when I lived in the city about 10 years ago, used to ride my bike around. It seems a little bit different this time around, and I didn't see any fluorescent green pools of liquid as I first did. I got halfway through it when I heard dogs barking. A man was walking with them and yelling. I thought "damn, guard dogs and property owner telling me to leave?" -- not even the case, just a guy casually walking through.

Climbed around on the sandy mounds of pebbles and such for some other vantage points. In one particular area near the industrial equipment the scent of sulfur, I assume - hit me hard. I'm not quite sure what is done here at the quarry, other than it's owned by Badger Highway.

And now, to the intended destination I took the 16 mile round trip on foot for. I left about 1 PM and arrived home about 8:30 PM. I maybe spent half an hour to 45 minutes at the quarry, but what took me so long was probably the 8 mile walk home - sore as hell. I wanted to just take a bus home, but for some unexplainable reason, I kept walking. Let's not forget it was 29 F (-1.6 C) out. I really wasn't bothered at all though, I dressed in layers, had gloves, didn't really even need a winter hat. It was all quite managable, and nice to take in the sights of Neenah. Notorious for paper (which really, is more important than you would think), the city is quite a little industry with mills about the river, old historic downtown buildings... a certain inviting, admirable character about the town of 24,000.

I came across this old, almost ominous industrial building when walking home to Appleton (again, about 8 miles) from a temporary job. I didn't have a camera with me, but there was something awesome about it - and I think it's because I knew nothing about it. Apparently it belongs to Voith Paper company, which given the location, is not surprising. I have no idea what the facility is used for, but it seems that trains can unload beneath a railed-crane of above. By the time I got there, it was getting darker than I wanted, so the photos really don't represent the intricacies too well. There seem to be dozens of pipes, stairways, ladders, stacks... it was practically something out of Doom 3.

And finally, over the bridge and back home.

Monday, October 22, 2007


Location: Appleton, WI
Radius: 1.25 miles